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Placed in a theater area for centuries of struggles for the possession of Monferrato,

Redabue Castle was built in the 13th century. Object of clashes and looting between the families of the Paleologo and the Visconti, the story already reports in 1440 a destruction of the castle by Facino Cane hired by Theodore II of Monferrato, at a time of decline of the Visconti power. 


Again in the 17th century the Castle of Redabue was one of the focal points during two wars of succession in Monferrato caused by the ambitions of the House of Savoy on the territory of Alessandria. 

The castle, many times lost and taken over by the Spaniards against the Franco-Savoyard of Vittorio Amedeo II, suffered great damage until the 18th century when Monferrato became the Savoy family.


Currently inside there are, as evidence of its ancient origins, some tuff arches alternating with bricks dating back to the thirteenth century, the crenellated towers and a square tower separated from the main body. From 1830 the castle and the entire estate were bought by the Doria Lamba family who established their summer residence there.

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